dogen was burdened by the rubbishy zen schema most of his life and did not become truely  enlightened  until he was dying when he started to write poems like basho

explains a lot about how derailed zen is

the way dogen is presented in zen is a trap that  the caught and clipped wing decoy birds  called zen masters use to ensnare their flock of the lame

i love these  final poems  of his

my last journey to kyoto

a frail as

a blade of grass,


walk to kyoto,

seeming to wander

amid the cloudy mist

on kinobe pass

On the eighth month/fifteenth day (the harvest) moon in the year of dogen's death:

just when my longing to see

the moon over kyoto

one last time grows deepest,

the image i behold this autumn night

leaves me sleepless for it's beauty.